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Deuteronomy Ki Tetse
  Ki Tetse
  Ki Tavo
  Vezot HaBerachah
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Ki Tetse

24:7 If a man kidnaps a fellow Israelite, forces him to serve and then sells him, when the kidnapper is caught, he shall be put to death. You shall thus rid yourself of the evil in your midst.
Ki-yimatse ish gonev nefesh me'echav mibney Yisra'el vehit'amer-bo umecharo umet haganav hahu uvi'arta hara mikirbecha.
24:8 Be careful with regard to leprous signs and carefully keep [the rules]. Be very careful to do all that the Levitical priests decide for you, as I have commanded them.
Hishamer benega-hatsara'at lishmor me'od vela'asot kechol asher-yoru etchem hakohanim haLevi'im ka'asher tsivitim tishmeru la'asot.


  See Exodus 21:16.

forces him to serve
  (Sanhedrin 85b; Rashi; Yad, Genevah 9:3). Hith-amer in Hebrew; see Deuteronomy, 21:14. Or, 'does business' (Targum).

Be careful...
  This is a specific prohibition against removing a leprous sign from one's body (Sanhedrin 132b; Makkoth 22a). It also mandates that one abide by the priest's decision, and maintain the quarantine (Abarbanel). Some say that it is also a commandment to the priest not to give anyone special consideration, just as Miriam was not given any such consideration (Baaley Tosafoth; Chizzkuni).

Levitical priests
  See Leviticus 13:9, etc.

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