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17:15 You must then appoint the king whom God your Lord shall choose. You must appoint a king from among your brethren; you may not appoint a foreigner who is not one of your brethren.
Som tasim aleycha melech asher yivchar Adonay Eloheycha bo mikerev acheycha tasim aleycha melech lo tuchal latet aleycha ish nochri asher lo-achicha hu.
17:16 [The king,] however, must not accumulate many horses, so as not to bring the people back to Egypt to get more horses. God has told you that you must never again return on that path.
Rak lo-yarbeh-lo susim velo-yashiv et-ha'am Mitsraymah lema'an harbot sus va'Adonay amar lachem lo tosifun lashuv baderech hazeh od.


shall choose
  Prophetically (Sifri; Yad, Melakhim 1:3.

many horses
  It is thus forbidden for an Israelite king to have more horses than he needs for transportation and war. He may not have any horses merely for pomp (Sanhedrin 21b; Yad, Melakhim 3:3).

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