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Numbers Mas'ey
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34:4 The border shall then turn to pass to the south of the Akrabim Steps. It shall then pass toward Tzin with its southernmost point at Kadesh Barnea, and then extend to Chatzar Adar and reach as far as Atzmon.
Venasav lachem hagvul minegev le-Ma'aleh Akrabim ve'avar Tsinah vehayu tots'otav minegev le-Kadesh Barnea veyatsa Chatsar-Adar ve'avar Atsmonah.
34:5 From Atzmon the border shall turn [north] and follow the Egyptian Wadi which shall be its far boundary to the west.
Venasav hagevul me'Atsmon nachlah Mitsrayim vehayu tots'otav hayamah.
34:6 The western boundary shall be the Mediterranean Sea and [its] shores. This shall be your western border.
Ugevul yam vehayah lachem hayam hagadol ugvul zeh-yiheyeh lachem gvul yam.


Akrabim Steps
  Or, 'Ascent of Scorpions;' see Joshua 15:3, Judges 1:36. This denotes the mountains to the southwest of the Dead Sea. It is one of the passes that lead to the northern slope of Wadi el-Fikreh.

  See note on Numbers 34:3.

its southern most point at...
  (Saadia). Or, 'to the south of' (Rashi).

Kadesh Barnea
  See Numbers, 32:8. It is thought to be some 63 miles southwest of the Dead Sea, either at the present Eyn Kadis, or Eyn el-Kuderath. Others say that it is in the area of Petra, some 48 miles due south of the Dead Sea.

Chatzar Adar
  Rendered as 'Temples of Adarya' (Targum Yonathan), or, 'Village of Arad' (Septuagint). Saadia translates it as Rapiach, the same as he does chatzeroth in Deuteronomy 2:23. It is thought to be Khirbet el-qudeirat, 5 miles northwest of Kadesh Barnea (Eyn Kadis). In Joshua 15:3, the points are given as Chetzron, Addar and Karka.

  This is identified as Kesam (Targum Yonathan), which is Queseimah or Kutzemah, 5 miles west of Chatzar Adar. Saadia renders it Menazel.

Egyptian Wadi
  Wadi el Arish (Saadia; Kaftor VaPherach 11, 41b). See note on Genesis 15:18, Exodus 23:31. This is some 80 miles west of the Dead Sea, in the middle of the Sinai Peninsula.

Mediterranean Sea
  Literally, 'Great Sea.'

  (Saadia). This includes offshore islands (Rashi) and prominatories (Targum Yonathan).

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