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 15:1  15:2
14:45 The Amalekites and Canaanites who lived on that mountain swooped down, and defeated [the Israelites], pursuing them with crushing force all the way to Chormah.
Vayered ha'Amaleki vehaKna'ani hayoshev bahar hahu vayakum vayaktum ad-hachormah.
15:1 God spoke to Moses, telling him to
Vayedaber Adonay el-Moshe lemor.
15:2 speak to the Israelites and say to them:

When you come to your homeland that I am giving you,
Daber el-beney Yisra'el ve'amarta alehem ki tavo'u el-erets moshvoteychem asher ani noten lachem.


  Some identify this with Tel Esh-Sheri'ah, which is the same as Zepheth, between Beer Sheba and Gaza. See Numbers, 21:3, Deuteronomy 1:44, Joshua 12:4, 15:30, 19:4, 1 Samuel 30:30, Judges 1:17, 1 Chronicles 4:30. Some identify Chormah with Safed. Others identify it with Mount Hermon or a city in the area (Septuagint). Other sources translate this verse, 'pursuing them....until they were destroyed' (Targum Yonathan; Ibn Ezra).

When you come to your homeland
  Grain offerings (menachoth) were not offered together with sacrifices until after the Israelites entered the promised land (Sifri; Ramban).

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