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14:33 Your children will be herded [from place to place] in the desert for forty years, paying for your indiscretion until the last of your corpses lie here in the desert.
Uvneychem yihyu ro'im bamidbar arba'im shanah venas'u et-znuteychem ad-tom pigreychem bamidbar.
14:34 '[The punishment] shall parallel the number of days you spent exploring the land. There were forty days, and there shall be one year for each day, a total of forty years until your sin is forgiven. You will then know how I act.
Bemispar hayamim asher-tartem et-ha'arets arba'im yom yom lashanah yom lashanah tis'u et-avonoteychem arba'im shanah vidatem et-tnu'ati.


how I act
  (Saadia). Literally, 'My motions.' Or, 'My absence.' (Rashi; Sforno); 'the results of complaining against Me' (Targum); 'that I can change [an oath]' (Ibn Ezra), 'how I destroy your plans (Radak, Sherashim); 'My fierce anger' (Septuagint); or, 'how I can stop you' (Ibn Janach).

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