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Numbers BeHa'alotecha
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 12:9  12:10
12:8 With him I speak face to face, in a vision not containing allegory, so that he sees a true picture of God. How can you not be afraid to speak against My servant Moses?'
Peh el-peh adaber-bo umar'eh velo vechidot utmunat Adonay yabit umadua lo yeretem ledaber be'avdi veMoshe.
12:9 God displayed anger against them and departed.
Vayichar-af Adonay bam vayelach.
12:10 When the cloud left its place over the Tent, Miriam was leprous, white like snow. When Aaron returned to Miriam [and saw] her leprous,
Vehe'anan sar me'al ha'ohel vehineh Miryam metsora'at kashaleg vayifen Aharon el-Miryam vehineh metsora'at.


face to face
  (Saadia). Literally, 'mouth to mouth.' See Exodus 33:11.

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