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Numbers BeMidbar
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4:5 When the camp is about to travel, Aaron and his sons shall come and take down the partition drape, using it to cover the Ark of Testimony.
Uva Aharon uvanav binsoa hamachaneh vehoridu et parochet hamasach vechisu-vah et Aron ha'Edut.
4:6 They shall then place a cover of blue-processed skins over it, and on top of that, a cloth of pure sky blue wool. They shall then put its carrying poles in place.
Venatnu alav kesuy or tachash ufarsu veged-klil tchelet milmalah vesamu badav.


partition drape
  The drape over the Holy of Holies. See Numbers 3:31.

blue processed skins
  Tachash in Hebrew. See note on Exodus 25:5.

put its carrying poles in place
  See Numbers 4:8, 4:11, 4:14. In other cases, the Torah means that the poles had been removed, and replaced, but in the case of the ark, the poles were not to be removed (Exodus 25:15). Therefore, in the case of the ark, the poles were merely adjusted (Baaley Tosafoth; Ramban; Meiri on Yoma 72a). Others say that the rings were placed into slots in the poles, so that they would not slip (Chizzkuni). Others say that there was one set of decorative poles that could not be removed, and another set that were used to move the ark (Tosafoth, Yoma 72a, s.v. Kethiv; see note on Exodus 25:12). Others say that the poles were moved from the top rings to the bottom rings when the ark was carried (Ibn Ezra on Exodus 25:12). According to others, the poles were now set in place on the shoulders of the Levites (Ibn Ezra).

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