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Numbers BeMidbar
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3:31 Their charge shall be the ark, the table, the menorah, the [two] altars, the sacred utensils for [all] these, the [partition] drape, and all the work involving these [items].
Umishmartam ha'aron vehashulchan vehamenorah vehamizbechot uchley hakodesh asher yeshartu bahem vehamasach vechol avodato.
3:32 The one in charge of the Levites' leaders shall be Eleazar, son of Aaron the priest. He shall be in charge of safeguarding the trust of the sacred articles.
Unesi nesi'ey haLevi El'azar ben-Aharon hakohen pekudat shomrey mishmeret hakodesh.
3:33 For Merari, there was the Machli family and the Mushi family. These were the families of Merari.
Li-Merari mishpachat haMachli umishpachat haMushi eleh hem mishpechot Merari.


partition drape
  The cloth partition before the Holy of Holies (Rashi).

sacred articles
  (Septuagint). Or, 'sanctuary'.

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