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Leviticus Emor
  Acharey Mot
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22:27 When a bull, sheep or goat is born, it must remain with its mother for seven days. Then, after the eighth day, it shall be acceptable as sacrifice for a fire offering to God.
Shor o-chesev o-ez ki yivaled vehayah shiv'at yamim tachat imo umiyom hashmini vahal'ah yeratseh lekorban isheh l'Adonay.
22:28 Whether it is a bull, a sheep or a goat, do not slaughter [a female animal] and its child on the same day.
Veshor o-seh oto ve'et-bno lo tishchatu beyom echad.


after the eighth day
  See Exodus 22:29.

a sheep or a goat
  The Hebrew seh denotes both; see Exodus 12:3,5.

a female animal

on the same day
  This is true of all animals, even those not slaughtered as sacrifices (Chullin 78a; Sefer HaMitzvoth, Negative 101; Yad, Shechitah 12:1,2).

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