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Leviticus Tsav
  Acharey Mot
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8:24 [Moses] brought forth Aaron's sons, and he placed some of the blood on their right ear lobes, their right thumbs, and their right big toes. Moses sprinkled [the rest of] the blood on all sides of the altar.
Vayakrev et-beney Aharon vayiten Moshe min-hadam al-tnuch oznam hayemanit ve'al-bohen yadam hayemanit ve'al-bohen raglam hayemanit vayizrok Moshe et-hadam al-hamizbe'ach saviv.
8:25 He took the choice portions: The broad tail, all the fat on the stomachs, the lobe of the liver, the two kidneys along with their fat, and the right hind leg.
Vayikach et-hachelev ve'et-ha'alyah ve'et-kol-hachelev asher al-hakerev ve'et yoteret hakaved ve'et-shtey haklayot ve'et-chelbehen ve'et shok hayamin.


choice portions
  See Leviticus 3:9.

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