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Leviticus Tsav
  Acharey Mot
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7:33 Any descendant of Aaron [fit to] offer the blood and fat of the peace offerings shall have the right leg as a portion.
Hamakriv et-dam hashlamim ve'et-hachelev mibeney Aharon lo tiheyeh shok hayamin lemanah.
7:34 This is because I have taken the chest as a wave offering and the hind leg as an elevated gift from the Israelites, from their peace sacrifices, and I have given [these parts] to Aaron the priest and his descendants. It is a law for all times [that this be taken] from the Israelites.
Ki et-chazeh hatnufah ve'et shok hatrumah lakachti me'et bney-Yisra'el mizivchey shalmeyhem va'eten otam le-Aharon hakohen ulevanav lechok-olam me'et beney Yisra'el.


fit to
  ( Zevachim 98b; Rashi).

It is a law...
  See Exodus 29:27,28.

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