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Leviticus VaYikra
  Acharey Mot
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2:11 Do not make any meal offering that is sacrificed to God out of leavened dough. This is because you may not burn anything fermented or sweet as a fire offering to God.
Kol-haminchah asher takrivu l'Adonay lo te'aseh chamets ki chol-se'or vechol-dvash lo-taktiru mimenu isheh l'Adonay.
2:12 Although these may be brought as a first-fruit offering to God, they may not be offered on the altar as an appeasing fragrance.
Korban reshit takrivu otam l'Adonay ve'el-hamizbe'ach lo-ya'alu lere'ach nichoach.


  Or 'leavened' (cf. Ibn Ezra).

  Devash in Hebrew, usually translated as honey. Here it denotes any fruit juice (Rashi), especially date extract (Rashbam; cf. Menachoth 84a; Yerushalmi, Bikkurim 1:3). Others, however, take this literally to mean honey (Yad, Issurey HaMizbeach 5:1; Mishneh LaMelekh ad loc.; Sefer Hamitzvoth, Negative 98; cf. Makhshirim 6:4).

first-fruit offering
  Which was not offered on the altar (Menachoth 84b; Rashi). See Leviticus 23:17, Numbers 28:26 (Sifra).

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