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29:27 Sanctify the breast of the wave offering and the hind leg of the uplifted offering [for all time]. These are the parts of the installation ram of Aaron and his sons that were waved with the prescribed horizontal and vertical motions.
Vekidashta et chazeh hatnufah ve'et shok hatrumah asher hunaf va'asher huram me'eyl hamilu'im me'asher le-Aharon ume'asher lefanav.
29:28 It shall be a law for all times that this be an offering for Aaron and his sons from the Israelites, taken from their peace offerings as a priestly offering to God.
Vehayah le-Aharon ulevanav lechok-olam me'et beney-Yisra'el ki trumah hu uterumah yihyeh me'et beney-Yisra'el mizivchey shalmeyhem trumatam l'Adonay.


uplifted offering
  Terumah in Hebrew, the usual word for the offering given to priests.

horizontal and vertical
  (cf. Rashi).

taken from their peace offerings...
  See Leviticus 7:31,32.

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