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29:13 Take all the fat that covers the inner organs, as well as the lobe of the liver, and the two kidneys with the fat around them, and burn them on the altar.
Velakachta et-kol-hachelev hamechaseh et-hakerev ve'et hayoteret al-hakaved ve'et shtey haklayot ve'et-hachelev asher aleyhen vehiktarta hamizbechah.
29:14 You must burn the bull's flesh, along with its skin and the food in its intestines, outside the camp. It is a sin offering.
Ve'et-besar hapar ve'et-oro ve'et-pirsho tisrof ba'esh michuts lamachaneh chatat hu.


all the fat...
  That is, all the fat in the body cavity (Rambam, introduction to Kadshim). See Leviticus 3:3.

  (Ibid.; Septuagint; Abarbanel; Sefer HaIttur 2, Asereth HaDibroth 44, p. 3b). Or, 'the Diaphragm along with some of the liver' (Targum; Rashi; Radak, Sherashim; HaKethav VeHaKabbalah). These were the usual parts burnt with such an offering; Leviticus 3:4, etc.

food in its intestines
  (Radak, Sherashim). Peresh in Hebrew. (cf. Targum; Targum Yonathan).

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