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29:4 Bring Aaron and his sons to the door of the Communion Tent, and immerse them in a mikvah.
Ve'et-Aharon ve'et-banav takriv el-petach Ohel Mo'ed verachatsta otam bamayim.
29:5 Take the vestments and place the tunic, the ephod's robe, the ephod and the breastplate on Aaron. Bind him with the ephod's belt.
Velakachta et-habegadim vehilbashta et-Aharon et-hakutonet ve'et me'il ha'efod ve'et-ha'efod ve'et-hachoshen ve'afadeta lo becheshev ha'efod.
29:6 Then place the turban on his head, and place the sacred plate [below] the turban.
Vesamta hamitsnefet al-rosho venatata et-nezer hakodesh al-hamitsnafet.
29:7 Take the anointing oil, pour [a little] on [Aaron's] head, and anoint him.
Velakachta et-shemen hamishchah veyatsakta al-rosho umashachta oto.


  Rashi; Targum Yonathan; Midrash HaGadol; cf. Josephus, Antiquities 3:8:6). See note on Exodus 19:10; Leviticus 15:16.

  A specially constructed pool containing 40 sa'ah (80 gallons) of water (Targum Yonathan). The Torah here literally says, 'he shall wash in the water,' indicating the special water of the mikvah (Rashi, Chagigah 11a, s.v. BaMayim).

  After pouring the oil on the priest's head, he would make an X-like mark with it on the priest's forehead (Kerithoth 5b; Yad, Kley HaMikdash 1:9; see Tifereth Yisrael on Zevachim 10:6; Torah Sh'lemah 23:194 ff.).

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