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28:33 On the bottom [of the robe], place pomegranates made of sky-blue, dark red, and crimson wool, all along its lower border. In between [these pomegranates] all around, there shall be gold bells.
Ve'asita al-shulav rimoney tchelet ve'argaman vetola'at shani al-shulav saviv ufa'amoney zahav betocham saviv.
28:34 Thus, there shall be a gold bell and a pomegranate, a gold bell and a pomegranate, all around the lower edge of the robe.
Pa'amon zahav verimon pa'amon zahav verimon al-shuley hame'il saviv.


  Hollow spheres in the shape of pomegranates (Rashi; Zevachim 88b). Josephus, however, states that the 'pomegranates' here were pomegranate-colored threads or fringes (Antiquities 3:7:4).

In the Talmud it is debated as to whether there were 72 or 36 such pomegranates (Zevachim 88b). Other sources indicate that there were 70 (Lekach Tov; Zohar 3:203a,b).

In between
  So that the bells and pomegranates alternated all around the bottom of the meil (Rashi; Chizzkuni; cf. Josephus, Antiquities 3:7:4). Others say that the bells were inside the hollow pomegranates (Ramban; Bachya; cf. Ibn Ezra; Tosefoth Yom Tov, Kanim 3:6). Josephus apparently holds that the bells were hung from the 'pomegranates' (Wars 5:5:7), but in a special manner so that the two alternated (Antiquities 3:7:4).

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