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26:24 [All the beams] must be exactly next to each other on the bottom. [Every pair] shall also be [joined] together evenly on top with a [square] ring. This shall also be done with the two [beams] on the two corners.
Veyihyu to'amim milematah veyachdav yihyu tamim al-rosho el-hataba'at ha'echat ken yihyeh lishneyhem lishney hamiktso'ot yihyu.


square ring
  (Maaseh Choshev 2:6). These rings fitted into slots on the tops of the beams, joining each pair together (Rashi; Bareitha 1) (see figure). Some sources, however indicate that the rings here are those through which the crossbars (Exodus 26:26) passed (Bareitha 1; Ramban).

joined together evenly
  According to the opinion that the beams were as wide on top as they were on the bottom. According to the opinion that the beams were wedge-shaped, this verse is translated, 'they shall be tapered on top, [with each pair joined] by a single ring' (Shabbath 98b).

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