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Exodus Terumah
  Ki Tisa
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26:9 Sew together the [first] five sheets by themselves, and the [other] six sheets by themselves. Half of the sixth sheet shall hang over the front of the tent.
Vechibarta et-chamesh hayeri'ot levad ve'et-shesh hayeri'ot levad vechafalta et-hayeri'ah hashishit el-mul peney ha'ohel.


shall hang over
  (Rashbam; Rashi, Shabbath 98b, s.v. Tartey). Thus, the goats' wool sheet hung down 2 cubits (3 feet) over the front of the tabernacle. According to others, the pillars in front of the tabernacle (Exodus 36:37) took up another cubit, so that the sheet hung down only one cubit (18') (Maaseh Choshev 4:5).

The verse can also be translated (more literally), 'fold the sixth sheet down over the opening of the tent.' According to this, the entire sixth sheet was over the front of the tent (Bareitha Melekheth HaMishkan 3). According to this second opinion, the fasteners of the goats' wool sheets would be directly over those of the tapestries (cf. Rashi on Exodus 26:5).

According to one opinion, the corners of this overhanging curtain were folded back, giving the entrance a triangular appearance (Josephus 3:6:4).

  The eastern side.

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