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25:35 A sphere shall serve as a base for each pair of branches extending from [the shaft]. This shall be true for all six branches extending from the [stem of] the menorah.
Vechaftor tachat shney hakanim mimenah vechaftor tachat shney hakanim mimenah vechaftor tachat-shney hakanim mimenah lesheshet hakanim hayotse'im min-hamenorah.
25:36 The spheres and branches shall be an integral part of [the menorah]. They shall all be hammered out of a single piece of pure gold.
Kaftoreyhem uknotam mimenah yihyu kulah mikshah achat zahav tahor.


as a base
  Since the branches extended out of the sphere (Menachoth 28b). Literally, 'under the branches.'

The form of the menorah was then (Menachoth 28b); 3 hb. - 9' - base and flower (Exodus 25:31) 2 hb. - 6' - smooth 1 hb. - 3' - cup, sphere and flower 2 hb. - 3' - smooth 1 hb. - 3' - sphere with two branches 1 hb. - 3' - smooth 1 hb. - 3' - sphere with two branches 1 hb. - 3' - smooth 1 hb. - 3' - sphere with two branches 2 hb. - 6' - smooth 3 hb. - 9' - three cups, sphere, flower, lamp The entire menorah was thus 18 handbreadths (4' 6') tall (see Rashi on Exodus 25:35; Maaseh Choshev 7:9).

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