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Exodus Terumah
  Ki Tisa
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25:26 Make four gold rings for [the table], and place the rings on the four corners of its four legs.
Ve'asita lo arba tabe'ot zahav venatata et-hataba'ot al arba hape'ot asher le'arba raglav.
25:27 The rings shall be adjacent to the frame, [and] they shall be receptacles for the poles with which the table is carried.
Le'umat hamisgeret tihyena hataba'ot levatim levadim laset et-hashulchan.


gold rings
  These were also cast (Exodus 37:13). Some say that these were half rings, with one end in the legs and the other in the frame (Josephus 3:6:6). Others say that each fixed ring had a movable ring attached to it to hold the poles, just like the ark (Or HaChaim).

adjacent to
  But not in the frame (Lekach Tov; Abarbanel). Some say that they were directly below the frame (Rashbam). According to others, the rings were completely or partly in the frame itself (Ralbag; cf. Josephus 3:6:6).

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