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  Ki Tisa
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22:29 You must also do likewise with your ox and sheep. It must remain with its mother for seven days, but on the eighth day, you must give it to Me.
Ken-ta'aseh leshorcha letsonecha shiv'at yamim yihyeh im-imo bayom hashmini titno-li.
22:30 Be holy people to Me. Do not eat flesh torn off in the field by a predator. Cast it to the dogs.
Ve'anshey-kodesh tihyun li uvasar basadeh trefah lo tochelu lakelev tashlichun oto.


do likewise...
  See Exodus 13:12.

seven days
  See Leviticus 22:27.

flesh torn off...
  This, specifically forbids flesh from a living animal (Targum; Chullin 73b; Yerushalmi, Nazir 6:1; Sefer HaMitzvoth, Negative Commandment 182). See Genesis 9:4. Or, 'the flesh of an animal attacked by a predator in the field' (Chullin 102b; Mekhilta; Rashi). See Leviticus 22:8. It includes any animal that has a lesion or wound that will eventually kill it (Chullin 3:1). See Ezekiel 4:14, 44:31.

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