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Exodus Mishpatim
  Ki Tisa
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22:8 In every case of dishonesty, whether it involves an ox, a donkey, a sheep, a garment, or anything else that was [allegedly] lost, and [witnesses] testify that it was seen, both parties' claims must be brought to the courts. The person whom the courts declare guilty must then make double restitution to the other.
Al-kol-dvar-pesha al-shor al-chamor al-seh al-salmah al-kol-avedah asher yomar ki-hu zeh ad ha'Elohim yavo dvar-shneyhem asher yarshi'un Elohim yeshalem shnayim lere'ehu.


In every case...
  (following Rashi; Yad, Genevah 4:1). Or, 'In every case of liability' (Targum; Rashbam); or, 'In every case of negligence' (Bava Kama 107b; Targum Yonathan; Radak, Sherashim, s.v. Pesha); or, 'In every case of denied guilt' (Saadia).

  (Rashi; Yad, loc. cit.; cf. Bava Kama 108b). Or, '[where the keeper] says [part of the claim is true' (Kiddushin 65b, Rashi ad loc.).

that it was seen
  See note, this verse, 'witnesses.' Literally, 'which he says, that this is it.'

to the courts
  See note on Exodus 21:6.

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