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Exodus Mishpatim
  Ki Tisa
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21:29 But if the ox was in the habit of goring on previous occasions, and the owner was warned but did not take precautions, then, if it kills a man or woman, the ox must be stoned, and its owner shall also [deserve to] die.
Ve'im shor nagach hu mitmol shilshom vehu'ad bive'alav velo yishmerenu vehemit ish o ishah hashor yisakel vegam-be'alav yumat.
21:30 Nevertheless, an atonement fine must be imposed on him, and he must pay whatever is imposed on him as a redemption for his life.
Im-kofer yushat alav venatan pidyon nafsho kechol asher-yushat alav.
21:31 This law also applies if [the ox] gores a minor boy or a minor girl.
O-ven yigach o-vat yigach kamishpat hazeh ye'aseh lo.


deserve to die
  By God's hand (Mekhilta; Rashi).

  (Rashi; Bava Kama 40a; Yad, Nizkey Mamon 10:4). Literally, 'if.' Cf. Numbers 35:31.

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