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Genesis Noach
  Lech Lecha
  Chayey Sarah
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8:19 Every beast, every land animal, and every bird - all that walk the land - left the ark by families.
Kol-hachayah kol-haremes vechol-ha'of kol-romes al-ha'arets lemishpechoteyhem yatse'u min-hatevah.
8:20 Noah built an altar to God. He took a few of all the clean livestock and all the clean birds, and he sacrificed completely burned offerings on the altar.
Vayiven Noach mizbe'ach l'Adonay vayikach mikol habehemah hatehorah umikol ha'of hatahor vaya'al olot bamizbe'ach.


clean livestock...
  See note on Genesis 7:2.

completely burned offerings
  Oloth in Hebrew, literally, offerings that ascend, since the entire offering ascends when it is burned. Usually translated as 'burnt offerings.' Others, however, interpret it as 'uplifting offerings' (Hirsch). Also see Genesis 22:2, Exodus 18:12, 24:5.

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