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16:12 'I have heard the complaints of the Israelites. Speak to them and say, 'In the afternoon you will eat meat, and in the morning, you will have your fill of bread. You will then know that I am God your Lord.' '
Shamati et-telunot beney Yisra'el daber alehem lemor beyn ha'arba'im tochlu vasar uvaboker tisbe'u-lachem vidatem ki ani Adonay Eloheychem.
16:13 That evening, a flock of quail came and covered the camp. Then in the morning, there was a layer of dew around the camp.
Vayehi va'erev vata'al haslav vatechas et-hamachaneh uvaboker haytah shichvat hatal saviv lamachaneh.


  (Septuagint). Cf. Numbers 11:31,32, Psalms 105:40. The s'lav here is usually identified with Teturnix Xeturnix, the smallest member of the quail family, which is particularly abundant in the Red Sea area during the migratory season. They come up in immense numbers from Arabia and the other countries. Unlike the manna, the quails were only available this one time (Abarbanel).

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