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Exodus BeShalach
  Ki Tisa
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16:4 God said to Moses, 'I will make bread rain down to you from the sky. The people will go out and gather enough for each day. I will test them to see whether or not they will keep My law.
Vayomer Adonay el-Moshe hineni mamtir lachem lechem min-hashamayim veyatsa ha'am velaktu dvar-yom beyomo lema'an anasenu hayelech betorati im-lo.
16:5 On Friday, they will have to prepare what they bring home. It will be twice as much as they gather every other day.'
Vehayah bayom hashishi vehechinu et asher-yavi'u vehayah mishneh al asher-yilketu yom yom.


  Literally, 'the sixth day.' There are no day names in Hebrew.

they will have to prepare...
  Since food cannot be prepared on the Sabbath; see Exodus 16:23 (cf. Betza 2b; Pesachim 74b).

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