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12:15 Eat matzahs for seven days. By the first day, you must have your homes cleared of all leaven. Whoever eats leaven from the first day until the seventh day will have his soul cut off from Israel.
Shiv'at yamim matsot tochelu ach bayom harishon tashbitu se'or mibateychem ki kol-ochel chamets venichretah hanefesh hahi miYisra'el miyom harishon ad-yom hashvi'i.


you must have your homes cleared...
  This is a commandment to remove leaven (chametz) before the Passover, and it is the reason that we search for leaven the night before (Pesachim 5a; Sefer HaMitzvoth, Positive Commandment 156).

have his soul cut off...
  See note on Genesis 17:14.

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