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  Ki Tisa
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10:9 'Young and old alike will go,' replied Moses. 'We will go with our sons and our daughters, with our sheep and cattle. It is a festival to God for [all of] us.'
Vayomer Moshe bine'areynu uvizkeneynu nelech bevaneynu uvivnotenu betsonenu uvivkarenu nelech ki chag-Adonay lanu.
10:10 'May God only be with you just as I will let you leave with your children!' replied Pharaoh. 'You must realize that you will be confronted by evil.
Vayomer alehem yehi chen Adonay imachem ka'asher ashalach etchem ve'et-tapchem re'u ki ra'ah neged peneychem.


all of
  (Ibn Ezra).

May God only...
  (Ralbag). Or, 'Even if God is with you when I send you, evil will confront you' (Rashi).

you will be confronted
  (Ibn Ezra). Literally, 'evil is before your face.' Possibly, 'the evil will come back on you' (Ramban), or 'Your intentions are evil' (Rashbam; cf. Targum). See note, this line, 'evil'.

  Ra in Hebrew. According to some, however, this is speaking of Ra, the Egyptian sun god (cf. Rashi; Yalkut Shimoni 392). See Exodus 32:12. Some sources identify this with Baal Tzafon (Exodus 14:2; Lekach Tov).

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