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  Ki Tisa
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7:22 However, when the master symbolists of Egypt were able to produce the same effect with their hidden arts, Pharaoh became obstinate. He would not pay attention to [Moses and Aaron], just as God had predicted.
Vaya'asu chen chartumey Mitsrayim belateyhem vayechezak lev-Par'oh velo-shama alehem ka'asher diber Adonay.
7:23 Pharaoh turned his back to them and went to his palace. Even to this [miracle], he would not pay attention.
Vayifen Par'oh vayavo el-beyto velo-shat libo gam-lazot.
7:24 The Egyptians dug around the Nile for drinking water, since they could not drink any water from the river.
Vayachperu chol-Mitsrayim svivot haYe'or mayim lishtot ki lo yachlu lishtot mimeymey haYe'or.


hidden arts
  (Ibn Ezra). From the root lut, meaning to hide or conceal. See note on Exodus 7:11. According to some, this involved a form of demonology (Sanhedrin 67b).

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