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  Ki Tisa
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6:7 I will take you to Myself as a nation, and I will be to you as a God. You will know that I am God your Lord, the One who is bringing you out from under the Egyptian subjugation.
Velakachti etchem li le'am vehayiti lachem le'Elohim vidatem ki ani Adonay Eloheychem hamotsi etchem mitachat sivlot Mitsrayim.
6:8 I will bring you to the land regarding which I raised My hand, [swearing] that I would give it to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. I will give it to you as an inheritance. I am God.' '
Veheveti etchem el-ha'arets asher nasati et-yadi latet otah le-Avraham le-Yitschak ule-Ya'akov venatati otah lachem morashah ani Adonay.


raised My hand
  An idiom for an oath; see Genesis 14:22.

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