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Genesis VaYechi
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 49:5  49:6
49:6 Let my soul not enter their plot; let my spirit not unite with their meeting - for they have killed men with anger, maimed bulls with will.
Besodam al-tavo nafshi bikehalam al-techad kevodi ki ve'apam hargu ish uvirtsonam ikru-shor.
49:7 Cursed be their rage, for it is fierce, and their fury, for it is cruel. I will disperse them in Jacob, scatter them in Israel.
Arur apam ki az ve'evratam ki kashatah achalkem beYa'akov va'afitsem beYisra'el.


  (Radak; cf. Psalms 16:9). The Hebrew word kavod here usually means honor.

killed men
  Referring to Shechem; see Genesis 34:26.

maimed bulls...
  Literally, 'maimed a bull.' Some say that this refers to Joseph (Targum Yonathan; Lekach Tov; Rashi; see Deuteronomy 33:17); see note on Genesis 37:19,24. Some translate the verse, 'they tore down a wall with their will' (Ibn Ezra).

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