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46:17 Asher's sons: Yimnah, Yishvah, Yishvi and Beriah. There was also their sister Serach. The sons of Beriah were Chever and Malkiel.
Uveney Asher Yimnah veYishvah veYishvi uVri'ah veSerach achotam uveney Vri'ah Chever uMalki'el.
46:18 The above are [from] the sons of Zilpah. Laban gave her to his daughter Leah, and she bore these sons to Jacob. Here there are 16 in all.
Eleh beney Zilpah asher-natan Lavan le-Leah vito vateled et-eleh le-Ya'akov shesh esreh nafesh.


Asher's sons
  1 Chronicles 7:30. In Numbers 26:44, Yishva is omitted (Sifethey Chakhamim on Numbers 26:13).

  See Numbers 26:46. Some say that she was Asher's step-daughter (Ramban on Numbers; Ba'aley Tosafoth ibid.). According to Midrashic tradition, she attained immortality for telling Jacob that Joseph was still alive (Targum Yonathan here and on Numbers; Rashi on Numbers; Pirkey Rabbi Eliezer 48).

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