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39:6 [His master] left all his affairs in Joseph's hands, except for the food he himself ate. He did not concern himself with anything [Joseph] did. Meanwhile, Joseph grew to be well built and handsome.
Vaya'azov kol-asher-lo beyad Yosef velo-yada ito me'umah ki im-halechem asher-hu ochel vayehi Yosef yefeh-to'ar vifeh mar'eh.


except for the food...
  From context, the final clause modifies the first part of the sentence. Literally, 'He did not concern himself with anything regarding him except for the food he ate.' This is because the Egyptians considered food touched by foreigners to be contaminated (see Genesis 43:32; Ibn Ezra; Radak; cf. Herodotus 2:41). Others say that it refers to the food that Joseph ate, indicating that Joseph was given a special diet, better than that of the other slaves (Josephus 2:4:1). According to others, this is a euphemism for intimacy with his wife (compare Genesis 39:9; Targum Yerushalmi; Rashi; Sh'muel ben Chofni Gaon).

grew to be
  Or 'remained.' Cf. 29:17.

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