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Genesis VaYeshev
  Lech Lecha
  Chayey Sarah
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38:17 'I will send you a kid from the flock.'

'But you must give me something for security until you send it.'
Vayomer anochi ashalach gdi-izim min-hatson vatomer im-titen eravon ad sholchecha.

38:18 'What do you want for security?'

'Your seal, your wrap, and the staff in your hand,' she replied.

He gave them to her and came to her, making her pregnant.
Vayomer mah ha'eravon asher eten-lach vatomer chotamcha uftilecha umatcha asher beyadecha vayiten-lah vayavo eleyha vatahar-lo.


  Pethilah in Hebrew. This is alternatively translated as a cloak (Targum; Rashi), a belt (Saadia; Rashbam), a hood (Radak), or the special shawl worn by aristocrats (Ramban; cf. Tzava'ath Yehudah 12:4). Ancient sources note that in the Middle East, people usually wore a long tunic reaching to the feet, with a short white cloak thrown around them, and besides this, people would always carry a seal and a walking stick with an elaborately carved top (Herodotus 1:195). The pethilah would then be the white cloak. Other sources indicate that the seal and string (pethilah) were to bind the sheep, and the staff was the shepherd's crook (Sekhel Tov).

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