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35:18 She was dying, and as she breathed her last, she named the child Ben-oni (My Sorrow's Son). His father called him Benjamin.
Vayehi betset nafshah ki metah vatikra shmo Ben-Oni ve'aviv kara-lo Vinyamin.
35:19 Rachel died and was buried on the road to Ephrath, now known as Bethlehem.
Vatamot Rachel vatikaver bederech Efratah hi Beyt Lachem.


  Binyamin in Hebrew, literally 'son of the right.' Some interpret this as 'son of the right hand,' meaning a son of strength (Ramban). Others state that it means 'son of the south,' since Benjamin was the only son born in the Holy Land, which is to the south of Aramaea (Rashi; Sefer HaYashar p.96). There is also an opinion that it is the same as ben yamim, son of days, or son of old age (Rashi; Rashbam; Tzava'ath Binyamin 1:6; Philo, De Nominum Mutatione 3:92).

  Beth Lechem in Hebrew, literally 'House of Bread.' It is 5 miles south of Jerusalem.

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