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Genesis VaYetse
  Lech Lecha
  Chayey Sarah
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31:43 Seventh Reading
Laban interrupted Jacob. 'The daughters are my daughters! The sons are my sons! The flocks are my flocks! All that you see is mine! But my daughters....what can I do to them today? Or to the children they have born?
Vaya'an Lavan vayomer el-Ya'akov habanot benotay vehabanim banay vehatson tsoni vechol asher-atah ro'eh li-hu velivenotay mah-e'eseh la'eleh hayom o livneyhen asher yaladu.
31:44 Now come! Let's make a treaty - you and I. Let there be a tangible evidence of it between you and me.'
Ve'atah lecha nichretah vrit ani va'atah vehayah le'ed beyni uveynecha.

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