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27:26 His father Isaac said to him, 'Come closer and kiss me, my son.'
Vayomer elav Yitschak aviv gshah-na ushakah-li beni.
27:27 [Jacob] approached and kissed him. [Isaac] smelled the fragrance of his garments, and blessed him.

He said, 'See, my son's fragrance is like the perfume of a field blessed by God.
Vayigash vayishak-lo vayarach et-re'ach begadav vayevarechehu vayomer re'eh re'ach beni kere'ach sadeh asher beracho Adonay.

27:28 Sixth Reading
'May God grant you the dew of heaven and the fat of the earth, much grain and wine.
Veyiten-lecha ha'Elohim mital hashamayim umishmaney ha'arets verov dagan vetirosh.

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