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26:29 that just as we did not touch you, you will do no harm to us. We did only good to you and let you leave in peace. Now you are the one who is blessed by God.'
Im-ta'aseh imanu ra'ah ka'asher lo nega'anucha vecha'asher asinu imcha rak-tov vaneshalechacha beshalom atah atah beruch Adonay.
26:30 Fifth Reading
[Isaac] prepared a feast for them, and they ate and drank.
Vaya'as lahem mishteh vayochlu vayishtu.
26:31 They got up early in the morning, and made a mutual oath. Isaac then bid them farewell, and they left in peace.
Vayashkimu vaboker vayishave'u ish le'achiv vayeshalechem Yitschak vayelechu me'ito beshalom.

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