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26:11 Abimelekh issued an order to all the people: 'Whoever touches this man or his wife shall die.'
Vayetsav Avimelech et-kol-ha'am lemor hanogea ba'ish hazeh uve'ishto mot yumat.
26:12 Isaac farmed in the area. That year, he reaped a hundred times [as much as he sowed], for God had blessed him.
Vayizra Yitschak ba'arets hahi vayimtsa bashanah hahi me'ah she'arim vayevarachehu Adonay.
26:13 Third Reading
This was the beginning of his prosperity. He then continued to prosper until he became extremely wealthy.
Vayigdal ha'ish vayelech haloch vegadel ad ki-gadal me'od.
26:14 He had flocks of sheep, herds of cattle, and a large retinue of slaves.

The Philistines became jealous of him.
Vayehi-lo mikneh-tson umikneh vakar va'avudah rabah bayekane'u oto Plishtim.

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