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2:30 But Sichon, King of Cheshbon, would not let us pass through his land. God had hardened his spirit and made his heart firm, so that He could give [his land] over to our hands, as it is today.
Velo avah Sichon melech Cheshbon ha'avirenu bo ki-hikshah Adonay Eloheycha et-rucho ve'imets et-levavo lema'an tito veyadecha kayom hazeh.
2:31 Sixth Reading
God said to me, 'See! I have begun to place Sichon and his land before you. Begin the occupation and take possession of his land.'
Vayomer Adonay elay re'eh hachiloti tet lefaneycha et-Sichon ve'et-artso hachel rash lareshet et-artso.

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