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Leviticus VaYikra
  Acharey Mot
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 4:1  4:2
4:1 Fifth Reading
God spoke to Moses with instructions to speak to the Israelites and tell them the following:
Vayedaber Adonay el-Moshe lemor.
4:2 [This is the law] if an individual commits an inadvertent sin by violating certain [specified] prohibitory commandments of God.
Daber el-beney Yisra'el lemor nefesh ki-techeta vishgagah mikol mitsvot Adonay asher lo te'aseynah ve'asah me'achat mehenah.
4:3 If the anointed priest commits an [inadvertent] violation, bringing guilt to his people, the sacrifice for his violation shall be an unblemished young bull as a sin offering to God.
Im hakohen hamashi'ach yecheta le'ashmat ha'am vehikriv al chatato asher chata par ben-bakar tamim l'Adonay lechatat.


certain specified
  Where the penalty is being 'cut off' (kareth) (Kerithoth 2a; Yad, Shegagoth 1:1).

anointed priest
  The High Priest (Horayoth 12b), See Exodus 29:7, 30:30.

young bull
  In its second year (Yad, Maaseh HaKorbanoth 1:14). According to others, a three year old (Parah 1:1).

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