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Shacharit of Yom Kipur

Isaiah 57:14 - 58:14  
57:18 I have seen his doings, but I will heal him. I will guide him, consoling him and his mourners.
Derachav ra'iti ve'erpa'ehu ve'anchehu va'ashalem nichumim lo vela'avelav.
57:19 I create the speech of lips; peace, peace to the far and to the near, says God, and I will heal him.
Bore niv sfatayim shalom shalom larachok velakarov amar Adonay urefativ.
57:20 But the wicked are like the restless sea, which cannot be still, whose waters cast up filth and dirt.
Veharesha'im kayam nigrash ki hashket lo yuchal vayigreshu meymav refesh vatit.

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