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Second Day of Shavu'ot

Habbakuk 2:20; 3:1 - 3:19  
3:4 His brightness is like the light; rays issue from His hand, and there the hiding of His power is lodged.
Venogah ka'or tiheyeh karnayim miyado lo vesham chevyon uzoh.
3:5 Pestilence goes before Him, and burning fever follows as His feet.
Lefanav yelech daver veyetse reshef leraglav.
3:6 He stands and measures the earth; He looks and causes the nations to tremble. The eternal mountains are dashed in pieces; the perpetual hills bow; His ways are as of old.
Amad vayemoded erets ra'ah vayater goyim vayitpotsetsu harerey-ad shachu give'ot olam halichot olam lo.

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