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Deuteronomy Ki Tetse
  Ki Tetse
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  Vezot HaBerachah

Ki Tetse

Isaiah 54:1 - 54:10  
54:5 For your Creator is your husband, the Lord of Hosts is His name. The Holy One of Israel is your Redeemer; He will be called the God of the whole earth.
Ki vo'alayich osayich Adonay Tseva'ot shemo vegoalech kedosh Yisra'el Elohey chol-ha'arets yikare.
54:6 For God called you as a wife abandoned and grieved in spirit. Can a wife of youth be rejected? says your God.
Ki-che'ishah azuvah va'atsuvat ruach kera'ach Adonay ve'eshet ne'urim ki tima'es amar Elohayich.
54:7 For a brief moment I forsook you, but I will gather you with great compassion.
Berega katon azavtich uverachamim gedolim akabetsech.

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